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Medical Suite

With Medical Suites growing in technological complexity, healthcare professionals need reliable cable harnesses and systems more than ever. Amphenol CMT brings it all together for you. We design, build, test, certify and deliver interconnect solutions that simplify device connection.

Our engineers are available to consult, design and prototype solutions for your product. For CT, MRI, X-ray and operating suite needs, we offer reliable, long-lasting connections that are in line with electrical and mechanical interference, compliance with VDE standards, AWM styles and UL-approved standards for safety.

Suite Infrastructure

Connecting the large capital equipment used in imaging or operating suites requires precision cabling and assemblies to optimize the performance of the entire suite. Amphenol CMT delivers, with custom solutions designed and tested to ensure a high level of performance for OEMs around the world.

Medical Bed Harnesses

Amphenol CMT offers medical bed manufacturers a wide variety of interconnect options, helping them develop the specialized products that the market demands. Our medical bed harnesses include general cable assemblies, custom overmolds and off-the-shelf interconnects that can be custom-configured to easily integrate into any bed design.

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