SmartSky 4G LTE ATG Systems Kits

Tray, Coax Kits, and Harness Kits

Amphenol CIT is pleased to offer turnkey integration kits for the SmartSky 4G LTE ATG system. These kits are ideal for all installations where customized engineering is expensive and unnecessary.

Coax and harness kits are engineered to custom cabling lengths and connectors to match your installation needs. The ABR tray is manufactured per ARINC 404A, 3/8 ATR specifications. Amphenol CIT’s engineering team is available to answer questions and provide guidance on selecting the perfect combination of components for your specific application.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Coax Cable Kits Custom lengths
Fully and partially terminated coaxial cable assemblies
Standard and Waterproof options
3/8 ATR Tray Designed and qualified per ABR specifications
Harness Kits Custom lengths
Partially terminated P1 and P2 harnesses
FDQ and HPB loose parts kits to complete installation


The tray (P/N: 200-106007-101) is designed per ARINC 404A, 3/8 ATR specifications and is equipped with rear guide pins and front hold-downs to properly secure the ABR LRU. Additional custom options are available upon request. Contact Amphenol CIT engineering to confirm the right tray for your application.

Standard Coax Kits

Standard Coax Kits are engineered to your required length and optimized for loss and attenuation dependent upon your installation length. Various connectors (straight or right-angled) and cable types are available to optimize your installation needs.  The kits are designed for both fully terminated and partially terminated options. Just plug and play! Please refer to the SmartSky 4G LTG ATG Data & Configuration Sheets to generate your coax P/N. TNC coax connectors are automatically chosen based on cable type and connector configuration.

Waterproof Kits

Waterproof Kits include our standard 311201 50 Ω cable, along with our CTSW122 TNC connectors. The cables are engineered to your required length. Please refer to the SmartSky 4G LTG ATG Data & Configuration Sheets to generate your coax P/N.

Harness Kits

Connector Harness Kits are engineered to your desired lengths per aircraft bus location and antenna specified in the installation manual. Please refer to the SmartSky 4G LTG ATG Data & Configuration Sheets to build your P1 and P2 harnesses. All harnesses are terminated at the connector end and capped at the A/C end. Ethernet, databus, USB, and discrete wires specified in the installation manual are used to populate the connector harnesses. The harnesses also include the mating backshells for P1 and P2. In addition to the P1 and P2 kits, a loose parts kit has been designed to complete the installation. Additional bulk wire and cable can be purchased separately from the harnesses to accommodate additional Ethernet and databus connections.

Product Information Resources

Data & Configuration Sheets
SmartSky 4G LTE ATG

Standard Coax Kit
Drawing 500-106379
Standard Coax Example Configuration

Waterproof Coax Kit
Drawing 500-106380
Waterproof Coax Example Configuration

Drawing 900-106008

Harness Kits
Drawing 600-106578
Drawing 600-106579

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