TuffSpec® Wires

Amphenol CIT introduces TuffSpec®, our new line of PTFE tape wrapped hook up wire designed for the extremely harsh environments of the oil and gas industry.

TuffSpec is manufactured using Amphenol CIT’s proprietary Seamless tape technology that provides the advantages of a tape wrap with the look and feel of an extruded product. A double helical wrap provides an exceptionally consistent insulation that is more durable than extruded PTFE insulations. TuffSpec  is available in both 200°C (silver) and 260°C (nickel) versions. Downhole tooling and perforating guns are typical applications.

Key Features

  • Double helically wrapped PTFE tape
  • Seamless tape construction which provides the smooth surface of an extruded product
  • 20% improved insulation tensile strength compared to extruded PTFE
  • 10% less insulation thickness and improved concentricity compared to extruded PTFE

Product Construction

Specification Data

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 TuffSpec® Wire sales sheet

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