Amphenol CIT  is a one-stop destination for sheet metal in thin gauges of aluminum and stainless steel. Our metal fabrication facility in Franklin, WI focuses primarily on aircraft alloys, but can handle a wide variety of materials and forming challenges. State-of-the-art high-speed cutting equipment from TRUMPF allows us to perform many stamping, forming and embossing operations directly on the turret shear/punch. This eliminates secondary operations and allows some unique features, such as louvers, bosses, coined countersinks and tabs, to be included very consistently with high precision and repeatability.

All parts are programmed directly from 3D models from our design engineering department or furnished by the customer. Need more than basic tabs and louvers? The next stop is a computer controlled 6-axis high precision forming break press. This brand new, state-of-the-art electric break allows high repeatability with few or no set-up pieces. Beyond break forming, Amphenol CIT can also provide die forming, resistance spot welding, roll forming, heat treatment, chemical finishing, painting, screen printing and assembly services accomplished using your design or ours.

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