Octax to Quadrax Adapter assembly

Many systems already exist that use Quadrax at the board level. When high-speed data was new to the Aerospace marketplace, Quadrax gained spec position on many systems at the board level and became the industry standard. The Octax Adapter bridges the technology between Quadrax and the Octax 10Gb/s Ethernet connector system utilizing an over-molded strain relief. The Octax connector:

  • Uses innovative inserts to isolate each twisted pair and contact
  • Minimizes characteristic impedance mismatch by maintaining an extremely close proximity between the cable, switch, and contacts
  • Virtually eliminates near-end crosstalk by having inserts designed to serve isolated cells
  • Can operate at data transmission speeds of 10 Gigabits/sec (Gbps) or higher
  • Delivers 10x the transmission speed (10Gbps signal), and 2x the density compared to Quadrax-type solutions
  • Features Octax standard M39029 crimp contacts which reduce manufacturing time and provide an easy field-repairable solution


  • Amphenol CIT’s high speed backbone allow longer runs, with more disconnects and improved data rates.
  • Amphenol CIT’s high speed backbone would only require a board level change to deliver 10 gig and is field repairable. (simply change the card, to interface to Octax® Solo, and extend the 10 gig backbone to the box) No removal/replacement of the installed backbone required.
  • Utilize Octax® technology in the disconnects to allow for: field terminable and reworkable interconnections, flexibility of disconnect locations, adapter design is fully customizable: cable type and Quadrax type.

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