Large Gauge Aluminum Splices

Large Gauge Sealed Splices

The Amphenol CIT crimping process produces very little barrel skew, resulting in installations where cables are nearly straight, which facilitates both design and installation. This is accomplished regardless of the orientation of the crimps to one another.

Reliable, Easy-to-Install Connections

Large Gauge Aluminum Splices from Amphenol CIT offers the fastest installation in the industry—a single crimp on each barrel that leaves no burrs for removal in secondary operations. Additionally, the crimps may be applied at any rotational angle on the barrel, and the crimps on each barrel may be oriented at any angle to one another, allowing for quick and easy installation even when the cables being spliced are routed against walls. Standard splices are available for traditional butt splicing of aluminum conductors and transition splicing from copper to aluminum conductors.

Amphenol CIT can also produce custom splices for cable gauges from #10 AWG to 4/0 AWG in lightweight tin, nickel-plated aluminum or nickel-plated copper for applications up to 260⁰C. Whether your need is for a standard splice for rapid entry into service or a custom design, Amphenol CIT provides the solution.

Features & Benefits

Feature Customer Benefit
Barrels seal on cable insulation Provides improved corrosion resistance over unsealed terminal lugs
Barrel may be crimped at any rotational angle Installation and inspection is simplified as there are no rotational indicators that the crimps must aligned with
Crimps may be made at any rotational angle to one another Facilitates quick and easy installation even when the cables are routed against walls
Aluminum connector bodies 65% weight savings (on average) versus copper
Uses Industry-standard 22- and 33-ton crimp heads Efficient installation while minimizing conversion costs
Efficient crimping process Modified hex crimp design produces no burrs, eliminating the cost of secondary operations, minimizing plating damage and providing superior corrosion resistance
Crimping design Produces installations where cables are nearly straight, facilitating harness design and installation
Patented integral oxide breaker Improves conductivity while eliminating need for messy anti-oxidant grease

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