UTiPHASE™ Phase Linear Microwave Cable Assemblies - UFP205A Series

Features Benefits
Linear thermal phase performance
  • Minimizes system phase variation
  • Increases accuracy
  • Eliminates PTFE “knee”
Naturally ruggedized with sturdy concentric core
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved crush-resistance
Vertically integrated
  • Controlled fluoropolymer performance
  • Reliable delivery

Typical velocity of propagation 80%

  • Excellent insertion loss
  • Drop-in replacement for many competing cables
Universally configurable with standard connectors and armor
  • Proven UTiFLEX® assembly reliability and performance
  • Reduced lead-time using existing assembly hardware and techniques

Cable Details

Diameter Frequency Range V of P Minimum Bend Radius Mass Maximum Insertion Loss
(5.21 mm)
DC-26.5 GHz 80% 0.500"
(12.7 mm)
20.6 gm/ft
(67.6 gm/m)
0.56 dB/ft @ 26.5 GHz
(1.84 dB/m)

Connector Options

Series Max Frequency Types (CODES)
SMA 18 GHz Plug (300), Jack (310), Right-Angle Plug (380), Bulkhead Jack (320)
PN 18 GHz Plug hex/knurl (50U), Jack (510), Bulkhead Jack (520), 4-Hole Flange Jack (550)
N 12.4 GHz Plug hex/knurl (70U), Jack (710)
PC 3.5 mm 26.5 GHz Plug (000), Jack (010)
PTNC 18 GHz Plug hex/knurl (60U), Jack (610)
PC 7 mm 18 GHz Universal (400)
BNC 6 GHz Plug (804)


Product Information Resources

  UTiPHASE Brochure

  UFP205A Series Product Specifications

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Product Markets

Commercial Aerospace

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