UTiFLEX® Ultra-Light Cable Assemblies

UTiFLEX® Ultra-Light Cable Assemblies are optimized for spaceflight applications. They provide up to 25% weight savings, lowest insertion loss, and best radiation resistance in a flexible cable construction. The cables utilize Amphenol CIT’s ARACON® for the outer shield, an ultra-low-density PTFE for the dielectric, and a DuPont Tefzel® jacket*. If required, cable assemblies are manufactured in a Class 10,000 clean-room by certified solder technicians.

Key Features

  • Low SWR (1.25:1 to 40 GHz typical)
  • Excellent shielding effectiveness
  • Precision phase matching available
  • ARACON® outer shield for superior weight savings on semi-rigid cables

Space Qualified

  • J-STD-001 Space Addendum certified assemblers and inspectors
  • Class 10,000 clean-room assembly processes
  • Low-outgassing materials (1% TML, 0.1% CVCM per ASTM E-595)
  • Radiation-resistant up to 100 Mrads
  • Real-time X-ray capability

Other Available UTiFLEX® Variants

  • Miniature
  • Low-Loss
  • Ultra-Low-Loss
  • MKR Ruggedized
  • External Armor
  • TVAC

*DuPont™ and TEFZEL® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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