Available contact and connector systems: 1) High reliability contact system featuring 3 points of contact. Available in SMT, Paste in Hole, and Printed Through Hole termination styles. 2) connector without metal shell, 3) connector with metal shell.

When Signal Integrity and Density Matter

Amphenol CIT AltaVel™ family of open pin field High-Speed Digital Interconnect is optimized to provide scalability and reliability in dense, high-mate/de-mate cycles applications greater than 25Gbps. The broad family of connectors are available in the following configurations: Board to Board, Board to Cable, Cable to Cable and Cable to Panel. All configurations are available in the following styles: Vertical to Vertical, Right Angle to Vertical and Right Angle to Right Angle. These standard connectors are part of Amphenol CIT’s full lineup of cost-effective, off-the-shelf and customizable interconnect solutions delivering superior signal integrity performance and value.

AltaVel Features and Benefits

Feature Customer Benefit
10,000 mate/de-mate cycles High signal integrity and reliability in a long-life package ensures high performance and lower cost of ownership
Flexible, scalable design High density, scalable design provides multiple configurations, enabling optimum performance at the lowest total cost. Size ranges from 10 to 200 pins; configurable in 1 to 4 rows by 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 positions. Configurable by Pin/Spacer height, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 20mm.
With or without metal shells Rugged/EMI housing option is a readily available option for applications used in extreme environments
Open pin field design Design allows for flexibility in routing and coding schemes, including single-ended, differential pair, power, ground, and sideband signals
Impedance: Differential - 85 and 100 ohm   Single-ended - 50 and 75 ohm Multiple impedance options ensure a solution to meet your application

Board mounting options

Termination style options: Surface Mount (SMT), Paste In Hole (PIH), and Through Hole (PTH)

Suggested Applications

  • High-speed digital boards and systems
  • High-speed digital HW and system verification
  • Network systems
  • Servers & storage – blade and rack mount
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Optical transport carrier grade optical
  • Wireless infrastructure

AltaVel Specifications and Performance

Parameter Specifications
Insertion Loss <0.8 dB to 25 Ghz (interconnect only)*
Data Rate FDR - 14 Gbps, EDR - 28 Gbps & PCIe Gen4 - 16 Gbps, PCIe Gen5- 32Gbps   
Impedance 85 or 100 ohm differential impedance; 50 or 75 ohm single-ended impedance
Contact rating 3 amp max, at ambient with 30° rise
Operating Temperature -55C to +125C
Minimum Contact Wipe 1 mm (0.039") typical
Contact Mating Force 40 grams typical
Insulation Resistance 5,000 megaohms minimum @ 500 VDC
DC Resistance (mated pair) 8.5 milliohm @ 8mm stack height
Durability min 1,000 cycles and up to 10,000 mate/demate cycles
Sinusoidal Vibration 20g (EIA-364-28, condition IV)
Shock 50 g (EIA-364-27, condition E)
Operating Voltage 200 V, RMS, 60 Hz typical

*Simulated data only

Materials & Finishes

Pin Contacts BeCu per ASTM B194, plated 30–50 μin gold over 100 μin nickel minimum in mated contact area, 5 μin gold over 100 μin nickel on tails
Socket Contacts BeCu per ASTM B194, plated 30 - 50 µin gold over 100 nickel minimum in mated contact area, 5 gold over 100 µ nickel on tails
Contact Finish Localized gold finish per ASTM B488 over nickel per ASTM B689 Type 1
Molded Insulators 30% glass-filled LCP per ASTM D5138
Hardware Stainless steel
Shell (ruggedized) Aluminum alloy
Finish (ruggedized) Nickel plated
RoHS Compliant Yes
Solderable Lead or lead-free

Performance Graphs

Insertion and Return Loss (Simulated)

AltaVel - Insertion and Return Loss (Simulated)

Crosstalk (Simulated)

AltaVel - Crosstalk (Simulated)

Test Set Up - Differential Simulation included Footprint and Break-out Region + 6 mm

AltaVel - Test Setup

Product Information Resources

 AltaVel™ product information sheet

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Commercial Aerospace
Test & Measurement

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