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Maja Systems and Carlisle Interconnect Technologies to Debut New Products at IMS 2018

New wireless gigabit connectivity products for upcoming 5G solutions 

Philadelphia, PA – June 8, 2018– Maja Systems, as part of a successful collaboration with Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT), announces the launch of the SPL-100 surface-mount V-Band antenna at IMS 2018, the first of a family of mmWave and 5G antennas.

Designed by Maja Systems and manufactured by CarlisleIT, the SPL-100 is the industry’s first surface-mount mmWave antenna. This compact antenna features many of the characteristics seen on planar arrays and horn antennas, at a fraction of the cost and area requirements. The SPL-100 antenna exhibits 10 dBi gain,10 GHz bandwidth, and is available in right- and left-handed circular polarization.

In the Carlisle booth, Maja Systems is demonstrating itsAirData™  12.5 Gbps wireless module, enabled by the SPL-100 antenna. Paired with the Maja Systems MW-6022 CMOS radio IC, the AirData™  module exploits ultra-high density antenna arrays for wireless gigabit connectivity, addressing a variety of markets, including data-center, automotive, and data transport applications.

“Our customers have demanded gigabit wireless connectivity for high-throughput data transport,” said Joy Laskar, CTO and SVP at Maja Systems, “and Maja has responded with the AirData™  product line. We are pleased to work with Carlisle to manufacture the SPL-100 in high-volume.”

“There is a large and growing demand for high speed / Data Rate and high-reliability mate/de-mate cycles. The AirData™ product line from Maja addresses the limited industry offering and truly offers a relevant and compelling solution.  We are very excited to be part of the development of such an innovative solution” said Emad Soubh, Director of Product Management-Signal Integrity, CarlisleIT.

CarlisleIT’s booth at IMS — Booth 956 — will have product samples and live demonstrations. In addition, CarlisleIT's line of multi-channel, high-frequency and high-performance interconnect products shown at IMS 2018 will include the Core “multi-way” product line, specifically CoreGD™ and the next generation of CoreHC™, as well as precision connectors, microwave cable assemblies and adapters, VNA cable assemblies and high-performance test cables and accessories.

About Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance wire and cable, including optical fiber. Since 1940, we have grown our product portfolio to include specialty and filtered connectors, contacts, cable assemblies, complex harnesses, racks, trays and installation kits. In addition to our vast product breadth, we provide our customers a higher level of support by offering engineering and certification services for the commercial aerospace, military and defense electronics, industrial, test & measurement, and medical industries. For more information visit

About Maja Systems
Maja Systems is a leading provider of mmWave CMOS gigabit wireless connectivity and sensing products: where 5G meets IoT. Maja’s customers are Fortune 500 companies who build solutions for data center and enterprise connectivity, industrial systems, automotive, and wireless HD-Video platforms. For more information, visit

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