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MultiLane manufactures high-performance, cost-effective bit error testers, digital sampling oscilloscopes, and time domain reflectometers to benchmark the Signal Integrity performance of high speed 200 G/400 G transceivers. Eye test pattern analysis, Jitter measurement, S parameters analysis, and high-speed signal characterization including BER are some of the typical tests that are performed by these instruments in product development and production testing of both optical and electrical transceivers, interconnects, and high-speed copper or cable data links.

ML4054B is a fully featured 400 G BERT scope supporting both NRZ and PAM4 modulation types for signal analysis. Using MSA-compliant external adapters, the scope can connect to OSFP, QDD, and QSFP transceiver modules. Amphenol CIT's high speed, high density direct attach CoreHC interconnect solution is used in ML4054B to adapt and translate high-frequency signals from tightly spaced traces to 2.92 mm precision RF connectors. Amphenol CIT's CoreHC solution is a compression mount type interconnect which sits on the PCB footprint customized for high-speed signals without a board side connector. With channel-to-channel spacing of 2.5 mm, very low insertion and return loss and high mount/demount cycles, CoreHC offers high signal integrity for high-frequency signal adaptation and interconnectivity in a high-value compact size. Table 1 shows the customized 8-channel CoreHC solutions used in ML4054B BERT scope from MultiLane.

Table 1: Amphenol CIT's CoreHC solutions used in MultiLane's ML4054B BERT scope


No. Amphenol CIT Part Number Description MultiLane Product Use Case Quantity Needed/Used


TM40-0382-01 HC2 (2.5 mm) to 2.92 (M), 1RX10, .079 Shield Dia., Cable Assembly; Opp Dir. ML4054B Adapter cable - Right 1


TM40-0383-01 HC2 (2.5 mm) to 2.92 (M), 1RX10, .079 Shield Dia., Cable Assembly; Same Dir. ML4054B Adapter cable - Left 1


TM40-0271-00 HC2 to 2.92 (M) Cable Assembly, 2R X 8 CH, 079 DIA. Cable, 10" ML4054B Breakout testing cable 1

ML4003B is a cost-effective network tester with integrated 30 Gbps BERT, 32 GHz differential, and single-ended (optionally 50 GHz) digital sampling oscilloscope and optical scope all in a compact 2U cPCI form factor. The full configuration also includes one SFP28 or one XFP port in addition to a 25 GHz (Optionally 10 GHz for a high value) optical sampling oscilloscope. It supports burst mode PON by providing a programmable AWG output that can be programmed by the user to output a custom 64 bit TTL signal, synchronous to the high-speed data. The 16-channel dual-row CoreHC cable assemblies are used to adapt the tightly spaced high-speed traces on PCBs to conveniently testable, low-loss RF coax cable channels. CoreHC assemblies use .079" coax cables and 2.92 mm precision RF connectors good for frequencies up to 40 GHz.

Table 2: Custom CoreHC Cable Assembly used with ML4003B 

No. Amphenol CIT Part Number Description MultiLane Product Use Case Quantity Needed/Used


TM40-0361-02 HC2 to  2.92 (F) Cable Assembly, 2R X 8 CH, 079 DIA. CABLE, 10" ML4003BY Breakout testing cable 2

MultiLane offers turnkey solutions including application development, DUT load board design, and embedded high throughput application libraries. These solutions enable fully automated high-speed testing up to 112 Gbps of high-speed I/O devices. MultiLane's twining test head extensions and load boards bring high-frequency resources like BERT scopes and DSO very close to the device under test and significantly enhance the signal integrity and test accuracy. Amphenol CIT offers coax cable assemblies for loopback and connectivity of high-speed channels for automated testing using the custom load boards. These 0.047" and 0.079" coax cables have SMPM and precision RF 1.85 m connectors on each end for easy connectivity. Overall high signal integrity is achieved for the entire channel with low VSWR and insertion losses contributed by Amphenol CIT's cable assemblies.

Table 3: Custom Coax Cable Assemblies for ATE Solutions 


No. Amphenol CIT Part Number Description MultiLane Product Use Case Quantity Needed/Used


TM40-0181-00 SMPM (M) Float Snap-in BH to SMPM (F) R/A ON 047'' Coax Accessory for ATE Family Connecting cable and loopback cable 2


TM40-0200-XX 1.85 mm (M) to SMPM (F) BH Mount ON UFC092 Cable Accessory for ATE Family Loopback cable 2

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